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Nominate LGBT History Month 2017 Icons

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LGBT History Month 2016 Icons VIRGINIA APUZZO  Pioneering Activist  JOSEPHINE BAKER  Singer and Actress  XAVIER BETTEL  Prime Minister of Luxembourg  CHARLES BLOW  Journalist and Commentator  BRIAN BOND  Activist and Government Official CHAZ BONO  Transgender Activist  DAVID BOWIE  Rock Star  JAMES BUCHANAN  U.S. President  JEANNE CORDOVA  Activist and Author  MIDGE COSTANZA  Presidential Adviser  LILI ELBE  Transgender Pioneer and Painter  UZI EVEN  Israeli Gay Pioneer and Scientist  MALCOLM FORBES  Entrepreneur JOHN FRYER Psychiatrist and Dr. H. AnonymousESSEX HEMPHILL  Poet and Activist  ASHOK ROW KAVI  Indian Gay Pioneer and Journalist  FRANCES KELLOR  Social Activist JIM KEPNER  Journalist and LGBT Historian  KAY LAHUSEN  Gay Pioneer  TERRENCE MCNALLY  Playwright  JANET MOCK  Transgender Activist and Author  SHERRI MURRELL   Basketball Coach  DIANA NYAD  Long-Distance Swimmer  JAMES OBERGEFELL  Marriage Equality Hero JEAN O’LEARY  Pioneering Activist  ELLEN PAGE  Actress OLIVER SACKS  Neurologist and Author TAMMY SMITH  U.S. General ANDREW TOBIAS  DNC Treasurer  JOSE ANTONIO VARGAS  Immigration Activist  BRUCE VOELLER  Biologist and AIDS Activist

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