Debra Chasnoff
Documentary Filmmaker
2018 Icon
Desmond Child
Award-Winning Songwriter
2024 Icon
Lee Daniels
Movie Director
2014 Icon
Rob Epstein
Oscar-Winning Director
2020 Icon
Harvey Fierstein
Actor, playwright and screenwriter
2008 Icon
Jodie Foster
2012 Icon
Sean Hayes
Award-Winning Actor
2018 Icon
James Ivory
Oscar-Winning Filmmaker
2019 Icon
Dale Jennings
Gay Pioneer          
2018 Icon
Freddie Mercury
Rock Star
2014 Icon
John Cameron Mitchell
Actor and Director
2014 Icon
Lauren Morelli
Writer & Producer
2020 Icon
Javier Morgado
CNN Executive Producer
2021 Icon
Ryan Murphy
Writer, Director & Producer
2023 Icon
Ann Northrop
Pioneering AIDS Activist & Journalist
2018 Icon
Angelica Ross
Transgender Rights Advocate
2020 Icon
Jeffrey Seller
Broadway Producer of Hamilton
2017 Icon
Dusty Springfield
Singer and Songwriter
2015 Icon
Michael Stipe
Rock Star
2023 Icon
Lily Tomlin
2007 Icon
Luther Vandross
Grammy-Winning Singer
2024 Icon
Jose Antonio Vargas
Immigration Activist 
2016 Icon
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