Faisal Alam
LGBT Muslim Activist
2014 Icon
Denise Eger
2011 Icon
Darlene Garner
LGBT Activist
2014 Icon
Mary Douglas Glasspool
Episcopal Bishop
2017 Icon
Peter Gomes
2007 Icon
Father Mychal Judge
2006 Icon
Bernárd Lynch
Catholic Priest
2020 Icon
Irshad Manji
Muslim Reformist
2012 Icon
John McNeill
2007 Icon
Pauli Murray
Attorney and Civil Rights Activist
2009 Icon
Troy Perry
Founder of Metropolitan Community Churches 
2008 Icon
Little Richard
Rock & Roll Pioneer
2021 Icon
Gene Robinson
First openly gay Episcopal bishop  
2008 Icon
Jalal al-Din Rumi
Sufi Mystic/Poet
2010 Icon
Mpho Tutu van Furth
South African Anglican Priest
2023 Icon
Deborah Waxman
National Rabbinical Leader
2020 Icon
Mel White
2010 Icon
Rev. Robert Wood
Gay Pioneer          
2012 Icon
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